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DIY Painting Equipment



Whether your project is interior or exterior painting, All Star Rents has the know-how and equipment to help you save time and money. Painting is a relatively inexpensive and quick way to transform the look of your home. Take advantage of the same benefits professionals have by using professional grade equipment to get the job done quicker and safer.


Preparation - the key to excellent results

Good surface preparation is the key to long lasting results. Oftentimes the time spent preparing the paint is far more than the actual painting. For exterior projects a pressure washer is a must. They will remove dirt, grime, cobwebs and more so that your paint adheres to the surface better. Prep work may also include sanding, scraping, caulking and more.

Access – get where you need to…safely

Whether you have an interior or exterior project in mind we often have to elevate ourselves to reach all the places we need to prep and paint. All Star Rents carries a wide selection of scaffolding, ladders, scissor lifts and boom lifts. Most home projects are completed using scaffolding or ladders.

Airless Paint Sprayers – this is where the fun begins!

Airless paint sprayers are so easy and so fast. Once the prepping is complete it is time to start painting. An airless sprayer is basically a paint pump and is the preferred sprayer used by all painting professionals. Professionals use airless sprayers because they are quick and reliable. There will be a fair amount of "over spray" so make sure everything near the job is covered and avoid painting outside on a windy day – your neighbors may not want the color you have chosen on their house (or plants or car).


Rental Information & Instructions


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